Project Overview


Some of the brick and flint walls are in need of repair and a small retaining wall needs to be built to prevent the access path to the cottages along Dinsdale Road from falling onto the track path.  Once built, fencing will need to be erected on top of it.  For this purpose, some ex-Garrett metal fencing has already been donated by the Long Shop Museum.  However, the fencing will need wire brushing and scraping to remove rust before being painted and erected.  The hedge itself needs the top cut out and general tidying up – another bonfire!  Levels will need to be taken along the track bed, to ensure we do not end up too high or too low at each end. The track bed will then need grading, which could mean the removal of several tons of top soil.


Several working party events have now taken place on the old track bed but much work still needs to be done.  Mini diggers have pulled stumps out and racked down the bushes and brambles; volunteers have loaded anything that would burn onto tractor drawn trailers.

Out of respect for our neighbours, these loads were taken to a bonfire off-site.  So many loads being tipped up.  As well as the huge volume of undergrowth, much rubbish has been removed including televisions, bicycles, bed frames, settees, an armchair and enough tin cans to melt down and make our own railway line!  Skips have generously been provided by Skipaway.

More work such as clearing vegetation and raking out old mortar, repairing old brickwork has been done.


 As noted below, we have received planning permission to re-lay and operate our railway.

We are liaising closely with the company that has acquired the Engineers Arms from Adnams.  It is hoped that a lease will be in place soon so that we can start work re-laying the line between Main Street and Buller Road.

Leiston Town Council generously agreed not only to make the application in its name, thus halving the fee, but actually to bear the fee.