Classics, Crafts and Cakes success, 26 July 2014

Well, what a ‘fantastic’ day this really did turn out to be!

The weather was perfect, which encouraged plenty of people to the Leiston Enterprise Centre to see some excellent exhibits and craft stalls, whilst enjoying some lovely refreshments along the way!

The children (and many adults too!) loved taking a trip by steam train on the ‘Leiston Works (Miniature) Railway’ which had a station at each end; Leiston Station and Long Shop Museum Station, of course! The classic cars and motorbikes were enjoyed by all and the arrival of Trevor’s traction engine ‘Rambler’ was a spectacle to behold as it chugged up King Georges Avenue to the Leiston Enterprise Centre.

Leiston Film Theatre’s ‘Cheeky the Centenary Chimp’ caused a great stir with everyone, whilst he was getting up to his usual mischief, even taking a ride on the ‘Tractor Express’ which provided rides for every one, between our venue, the Coop and the Long Shop Museum. Also children and adults alike were kept entertained by Wayne’s hilarious Punch and Judy show.

The amount raised for LWR funds was over a staggering £900.00.

The LWR would like to thank Marilyn and her team for their hard work and the Leiston Enterprise Centre for hosting our day and would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported our event. Without your support, however that may have been, this event would not have gone off as so incredibly well as it did.

Once again thank you.